We understand that, for most of our clients, purchasing a first or second home or condominium is major investment and we are respectful of the resources that they are using to fulfill their dreams. Our attorneys also represent residential real estate investors, who usually have different goals from clients who are acquiring a place to live or vacation. Although these clients are dissimilar in some ways, our real estate lawyers provide both with knowledgeable counsel and representation necessary to concluding their transactions smoothly, efficiently and within the parameters of the law.

We help our clients by making them aware of the issues in particular properties, whether vacation homes, primary residences or investment property. We ensure that each client is fully informed about any possible risks and all details relative to the transaction they are about to undertake. We counsel our selling clients so that they understand related issues such as clear titles and marketability. We draft and review contracts and other necessary documents and attend closings with their ultimate interests in mind. If disputes arise, we help resolve them through litigation.

We also help our clients, whether landlords or tenants, to recover the money rightfully owed. Whether it is back rent or security deposit issues, we know how to make it right.






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