If you have been charged fees or taxes by your wireless carrier which do not make sense, you are not alone. Many wireless customers pay their monthly bill without looking to see what exactly is being charged to their account. Often, these charges appear as “state access fees” or something similarly named. What people often don’t realize is that not every state charges these fees and the amount of the fee varies by location. For instance, if you had a wireless plan in Michigan, then moved to Massachusetts, you would still be charged Michigan access fees which would not be charged if your plan were appropriately charged in Massachusetts. Other states, such as California, have incredibly high fees. If you have been charged another states “fees” while living somewhere else, you can bring suit against AT&T and recover some decent money.

In a recent case, our firm was able to collect $5,000.00 for our client through Arbitration. If you have been charged these fees, we can help you collect the money you are owed.

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