Workers Compensation

If you have been injured or became ill while performing work as an employee, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation. It is important to know your rights to be sure you receive the appropriate medical care and compensation due to you. Workplace injuries can be very complex and range from simple injuries that heal […]

Business Litigation

We perform transactional work that includes entity selection and establishment, acquisitions and sales, employment contracts and agreements such as non-compete agreements and non-disclosure agreements, commercial leasing, identifying and obtaining financing, and drafting employment and operational policies. We also provide advice and counsel in matters involving regulatory compliance and corporate succession. Our strong real estate practice […]

Medical Expert Witness Liability & Malpractice

Often physicians are forced to grin and bear it after an adverse verdict or forced settlement based on unethical testimony. My service provides accountability, practice protection, and professional satisfaction. Medical societies & professional organizations are the best forums for examining the unethical expert testimony of their own members. While the process of peer review is far […]


If you are reading this, you have likely lost at some stage of trial or suffered an adverse ruling before a government agency. If so, that sucks and I am sorry. The good news is that almost all losses are not final and further, it may not have anything to do with the strength of your […]

Real Estate & Landlord/Tenant

We understand that, for most of our clients, purchasing a first or second home or condominium is major investment and we are respectful of the resources that they are using to fulfill their dreams. Our attorneys also represent residential real estate investors, who usually have different goals from clients who are acquiring a place to […]

Consumer Protection

Whether you are a business or a consumer, it is inevitable that you will run into conflict. If that conflict is caused by unfair or deceptive acts, Chapter 93A provides Massachusetts residents with a powerful tool for resolution. A claim made under 93A can double or triple the amount you can recover and also provides […]

Personal Injury

After an injury, the last thing you want to do is deal with the legal and insurance issues that often arise. A good attorney will take this burden off your shoulder and make your recovery easier. No amount of money can replace the pain and suffering that occur after an injury, and likewise, money can’t […]